New York Fashion Week Spring Top Ten

In the wake of New York Fashion Week, I am ever grateful of the wonderful world wide web for being almost as good as an all-access credential hanging around my neck for all the different shows.  I was glued to all week whenever I wasn’t able to actually attend certain Fashion Week festivities.

Yes, it is a major helpful tool to have media access faster than ever before, but it can also overwhelm even the most avid fashionista.  Since I did an unhealthy amount of catwalk stalking myself, I am here to give a list of ten things you need to know in order to sound like you are of front row status.

1. Calvin Klein’s Anniversary Bash: All though the designer himself wasn’t in attendance for the homage of his years in the biz, plenty of A-listers were.  Guests partied in an extravagant three story stucture (which was torn down the very next day) in the High Line park in West Chelsea.

2. Diane Von Furstenburg: Models, complete with their flowing flower head bands, swept past audience members just after they had pushed and fought their way to the front row.   It’s Diane dahling.

3. Marc Jacobs: It wouldn’t be fashion week without everyone talking about his fabulous showing.  Marc nodded the 19th century this year in his own way.  This is a show worth viewing for yourself.

4. William Rast vs. J. Lindeberg debaucle:  One of the hottest tickets all week was the William Rast collection shown at The Roseland Ballroom.  There was a great deal of confusion, though, as editors thought they were going to see J. Lindeberg’s offering (the Justin Timberlake -and friend- label’s new design partners).  Even those that knew it was the William Rast meets J. Lindeberg deal left disappointed as Justin didn’t perform as expected.

5. Fashion Rocks well…rocked!: Sorry MTV VMAs, the performance-stocked Fashion Rocksspecial that aired on CBS in the middle of fashion week was much more entertaining and came off much more polished than yours did.  Fashion industry leaders attended and music industry leaders performed.  Great concept executed flawlessly once again in their fifth year of presentation.

6. Wintour and SJP play Politics at Runway for Change: Anna Wintour and Sarah Jessica Parker appeared during this Obama effort to tie politics to fashion.

7. Marc Bouwer skips the tents:  Instead of forking the average $100,000 for a Bryant Park extravaganza, Bouwer decided to do an online only show this season that was broadcasted on his website.  Lydia Hearst was one of five models to walk the virtual runway.

8. Style 360 brings light to new talent:  While the big guns showed at the tents (sans Bouwer) fresh fashion talent was showcased in this week long event including Abi Ferrin, and Walter.

9. W Magazine’s Lounge: Rubbing shoulders with bold-face names while plucking champagne off passing trays was the W lounge in a nutshell.  This was the place to hang out in between collections at the tents morning, noon and night.

10. and finally the after party: The hot spot for the “after the show party” this season was 1 Oak.

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